Van City Winters Photo Blog


With the Pacific Ocean and epic mountain ranges stretching as far as you can see. Beautiful places and beautiful people make this city quite the feast for the eyes.

Thriving culture, nightlife and economy make Vancouver an amazing place to visit or live.

A large Canadian city nestled right along the Pacific shoreline Vancouver offers all the advantages of living in a large city nestled in an environmentally beautiful setting. 

If you enjoy the beach and let’s be real, we all enjoy the beach. Vancouver’s 18km of sandy beaches is a huge appeal for people worldwide.


Sand and surf on the shores of city life make Vancouver living pretty sweet. Beach goers are eagerly anticipating summer but still making good use of the beaches in January.

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most diverse cities. Exotic eateries, festivals, music and cultures co-exist harmoniously.



The weather, as compared to the rest of Canada, is favourable. Yes it does rain quite a bit in the winter, but it’s only because it’s too warm to snow. That is to say, not in the streets. Vancouver’s many surrounding mountains provide ample grounds for fun in the snow.


A very green city that is home to many a rooftop garden and numerous parks. Vancouver is a great city for anyone looking to blend the city life with the relaxation of nature.

Stanley Park

Vancouver has a buzz and a very busy feel to it but at the same time, so long as they speak english, people are quick to stop and give directions.

Olympic Flame

The infamous West Coast hospitality is alive and well. Jobs are aplenty, people are involved and the times are good on the West Coast of Canada.

The beach

Winter in Vancouver is really nice, life is good in Vancouver.


January 23rd, 2014 


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